On any given day my inbox is flooded with messages from clients who are clueless as to what they should wear to their photo session. While there isn't really a formula to follow, you'd certainly want to consider a few things.


It makes practical sense to take into consideration the time of year you booked your shoot, especially knowing that the summer months can be pretty sticky and uncomfortable. When preparing your outfits, especially where tiny humans are involved, you may want to ensure that they are properly dressed for the climate and weather. Needless to say, cool, breathable and airy attire is perfect for the warm summer months and would lessen the chance of your shoot being cut short due to irritable children.


In a more formal environment, I encourage my clients to get dolled up and look their absolute best. If we are shooting at a residence, I prefer to capture the subjects in their natural environment - of course no one walks around in heels and ball gowns at home. Beach and sandy areas are best barefoot or in sandals or flipflops and light flowy pastels.


Not every ideal location is just off of the main road. There are some stunning and hidden gems that require a little to to get there. In this case, I will always advise my clients to bring along comfortable shoes to walk in and then change into the shoes they intend to wear while shooting.

In conclusion, preparation is key to a comfortable and successful photoshoot. The more relaxed you are the more amazing your photos will be.

Contact me if you have any more questions on preparing for your shoot.